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Name Section Positioncategory Room Tel. number Email
Calabretta, dr. N. ECO UD FLX 9.087 +31 40-247 5361 Email to Calabretta, dr. N.
Camps, S.M. MSc VCA PhD Stud. FLX 5.092 Email to Camps, S.M. MSc
Canjels, ir. L.P.W. SPS PhD Stud. FLX 5.092 Email to Canjels, ir. L.P.W.
Cantatore, E. MsM HGL FLX 7.097 +31 40-247 3388 Email to Cantatore, E.
Cao, dr. Z. ECO UD FLX 9.089 +31 40-247 3250 Email to Cao, dr. Z.
Cardarelli, S. ECO PhD Stud. FLX 9.091 +31 40-247 5715 Email to Cardarelli, S.
Carhacioglu, O. ES TOIO FLX 4.076 Email to Carhacioglu, O.
Carrette, dr. E.C.B. MSc SPS OBP FLX 7. Email to Carrette, dr. E.C.B. MSc
Castellanos Rodriguez, J.C. MSc MsM PhD Stud. FLX 7.087 +31 40-247 8771 Email to Castellanos Rodriguez, J.C. MSc
Chatzimichailidis, M. PHI OBP FLX 0. Email to Chatzimichailidis, M.
Chayambuka, K.H. CS PhD Stud. FLX 5.132 Email to Chayambuka, K.H.
Chelini, L. MSc ES PhD Stud. FLX 0. Email to Chelini, L. MSc
Chen, C. CS PhD Stud. FLX 5.132 Email to Chen, C.
Chen, dr. B. SPS PD FLX 7.064 Email to Chen, dr. B.
Chen, L. MSc ECO PhD Stud. FLX 9.091 +31 40-247 5715 Email to Chen, L. MSc
Chen, Q. PHI OWP FLX 0. Email to Chen, Q.
Chen, Z. MsM PhD Stud. FLX 7.084 +31 40-247 5815 Email to Chen, Z.
Chincoli, M. ECO PhD Stud. FLX 9.104 +31 40-247 5394 Email to Chincoli, M.
Chirumamilla, V.R. MSc EES OWP FLX 3.078 Email to Chirumamilla, V.R. MSc
Cluitmans, P.J.M. SPS UHD FLX 7.070 +31 40-247 3335 Email to Cluitmans, P.J.M.
Cobben, J.F.G. EES HGL FLX 2.135 +31 40-247 4440 Email to Cobben, J.F.G.
Corda, S. MSc ES PhD Stud. Alg 0. Email to Corda, S. MSc
Corporaal, prof.dr. H. ES HGL FLX 4.134 +31 40-247 5462 Email to Corporaal, prof.dr. H.
Cox, ir. P.B. CS PD FLX 5.080 +31 40-247 8188 Email to Cox, ir. P.B.
Cox, M.G.H. SPS PhD Stud. FLX 7.060 +31 40-247 8733 Email to Cox, M.G.H.
Creemers - Samuels, M.G.J. Bestuur EE Secretary FLX 0.161 +31 40-247 7329 Email to Creemers - Samuels, M.G.J.
Cuba Gyllensten, I.G.L. MSc SPS PhD Stud. FLX 7. Email to Cuba Gyllensten, I.G.L. MSc
Cuk, dr. V. MSc EES UD FLX 3.134 +31 40-247 5611 Email to Cuk, dr. V. MSc
Curti, M. MSc EPE PhD Stud. FLX 2.130 +31 40-247 5552 Email to Curti, M. MSc
Custers, C.H.H.M. MSc EPE PhD Stud. FLX 2.130 +31 40-247 5552 Email to Custers, C.H.H.M. MSc

Total persons: 30