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Name Section Chair Tel. number Email
Aarts, prof.dr. R.M. SPS Email to Aarts, prof.dr. R.M.
Aldenkamp, prof.dr. A.P. SPS Email to Aldenkamp, prof.dr. A.P.
Arends, prof.dr. J.B.A.M. SPS Email to Arends, prof.dr. J.B.A.M.
Backx, prof.dr.ir. A.C.P.M. CS Email to Backx, prof.dr.ir. A.C.P.M.
Baken, prof.dr.ir. N.H.G. ECO +31 6-51428630 Email to Baken, prof.dr.ir. N.H.G.
Baltus, prof.dr.ir. P.G.M. MsM +31 40-247 3393 Email to Baltus, prof.dr.ir. P.G.M.
Basten, prof.dr.ir. A.A. ES +31 40-247 5782 Email to Basten, prof.dr.ir. A.A.
Bentum, prof.dr.ir. M.J. EM Email to Bentum, prof.dr.ir. M.J.
Bergmans, prof.dr.ir. J.W.M. SPS +31 40-247 4438 Email to Bergmans, prof.dr.ir. J.W.M.
Bergveld, prof.dr.ir. H.J. CS Email to Bergveld, prof.dr.ir. H.J.
Breems, prof.dr.ir. L.J. MsM Email to Breems, prof.dr.ir. L.J.
Butler, prof.dr.ir. H. CS +31 40-247 3577 Email to Butler, prof.dr.ir. H.
Cantatore, prof.dr.ir. E. MsM +31 40-247 3388 Email to Cantatore, prof.dr.ir. E.
Cobben, prof.dr.ir. J.F.G. EES +31 40-247 4440 Email to Cobben, prof.dr.ir. J.F.G.
Corporaal, prof.dr. H. ES +31 40-247 5462 Email to Corporaal, prof.dr. H.
Dolmans, prof.dr.ir. G. ES Email to Dolmans, prof.dr.ir. G.
Doris, prof.dr.ir. K. MsM Email to Doris, prof.dr.ir. K.
Fledderus, prof.dr.ir. E.R. MsM +31 40-247 3462 Email to Fledderus, prof.dr.ir. E.R.
Gerini, prof.dr.ir. G. EM +31 40-247 3324 Email to Gerini, prof.dr.ir. G.
Goossens, prof.dr. K.G.W. ES +31 40-247 3404 Email to Goossens, prof.dr. K.G.W.
Haan, prof.dr.ir. G. de ES +31 40-247 5049 Email to Haan, prof.dr.ir. G. de
Heemstra, prof.dr.ir. S.M. ECO +31 40-247 5980 Email to Heemstra, prof.dr.ir. S.M.
Hof, prof.dr.ir. P.M.J. Van den CS +31 40-247 3839 Email to Hof, prof.dr.ir. P.M.J. Van den
Kamphuis, prof.dr. I.G. EES +31 40-247 5748 Email to Kamphuis, prof.dr. I.G.
Koonen, prof.ir. A.M.J. Bestuur EE +31 40-247 4806 Email to Koonen, prof.ir. A.M.J.
Korsten, prof.dr. H. SPS Email to Korsten, prof.dr. H.
Leenaerts, prof.dr.ir. D.M.W. MsM +31 40-247 3627 Email to Leenaerts, prof.dr.ir. D.M.W.
Lenstra, prof.dr. D. PHI +31 40-247 4547 Email to Lenstra, prof.dr. D.
Linnartz, prof.dr.ir. J.P.M.G. SPS Email to Linnartz, prof.dr.ir. J.P.M.G.
Liotta, prof.dr. A. ECO Email to Liotta, prof.dr. A.
Lomonova, prof.dr. E. EPE +31 40-247 3573 Email to Lomonova, prof.dr. E.
Matters - Kammerer, prof.dr. M. MsM +31 40-247 2666 Email to Matters - Kammerer, prof.dr. M.
Niemegeers, prof.dr.ir. I.G.M.M. ECO Email to Niemegeers, prof.dr.ir. I.G.M.M.
Notten, prof.dr. P.H.L. ske (activiteit) Email to Notten, prof.dr. P.H.L.
Oei, prof.dr. S.G. SPS Email to Oei, prof.dr. S.G.
Pemen, prof.dr.ing. A.J.M. EES +31 40-247 4492 Email to Pemen, prof.dr.ing. A.J.M.
Pineda de Gyvez, prof.dr. J. ES +31 40-247 4247 Email to Pineda de Gyvez, prof.dr. J.
Slootweg, prof.dr.ir. J.G. EES +31 40-247 3898 Email to Slootweg, prof.dr.ir. J.G.
Smit, prof.dr.ir. M.K. PHI +31 40-247 5058 Email to Smit, prof.dr.ir. M.K.
Smolders, prof.dr.ir. A.B. Buro EE Email to Smolders, prof.dr.ir. A.B.
Steennis, prof.dr.ir. E.F. EES +31 40-247 3893 Email to Steennis, prof.dr.ir. E.F.
Tafur Monroy, dr.ir. I. ECO Email to Tafur Monroy, dr.ir. I.
Tijhuis, prof.dr. A.G. EM +31 40-247 3800 Email to Tijhuis, prof.dr. A.G.
Visser, prof.dr.ir. H.J. EM Email to Visser, prof.dr.ir. H.J.
Voeten, prof.dr.ir. J.P.M. ES +31 40-247 3304 Email to Voeten, prof.dr.ir. J.P.M.
Vries, prof.dr.ir. A. de SPS +31 40-247 3287 Email to Vries, prof.dr.ir. A. de
Wale, prof.dr. M.J. PHI +31 40-247 5127 Email to Wale, prof.dr. M.J.
Weiland, prof.dr. S. CS +31 40-247 5979 Email to Weiland, prof.dr. S.
Wijkstra, prof.dr.ir. H. SPS Email to Wijkstra, prof.dr.ir. H.
Wijnands, prof.ir. C.G.E. EPE +31 40-247 5358 Email to Wijnands, prof.ir. C.G.E.
Willems, prof.dr.ir. F.M.J. SPS +31 40-247 3539 Email to Willems, prof.dr.ir. F.M.J.
Williams, prof.dr. K.A. PHI +31 40-247 3441 Email to Williams, prof.dr. K.A.
With, prof.dr.ir. P.H.N. de VCA +31 40-247 2540 Email to With, prof.dr.ir. P.H.N. de

Total persons: 53