PhD program Electrical Engineering

Taking into account the strengths of the department of Electrical Engineering, the activities unfolding in this region and the long term relevant societal problems and market opportunities we have chosen the following three strategic research areas:

  • Care and Cure
  • The Connected World
  • Smart and Sustainable Society

The three themes have been chosen in such a way that the expertise of the chairs is linked to the societal importance of electrical engineering in the future. They show a broad, coherent, societal side of the research in which the Department of Electrical Engineering has specialized and increase the visibility of the department.

Research institutes unite the forces from industry and science institutions in such a way that the transfer from knowledge to value, the so called valorization of innovation is being stimulated. Below you can find the research institutes in which the department of Electrical Engineering participates:

  • ESI
  • Intelligent Lighting Institute

Research groups