Bachelor Courses
Course Code     Course Name
5ESE0Signal processing basics (Signals I)
5XSE0Information Theory
5XFA0Rock your baby
5ESC0DSP Fundamentals (Signals II)
5ETB0Communication theory
5XSJ0Automotive Sensing
5XSK0Data fusion & semantic interpretation
5XSD0Medical ultrasound
5XPA0Bioelectricity&Electromagnetic effects
5XSG0Fundamentals of Neurophysiology & Clinical Science
5XSH0Cognitive Neuroscience
5XSA0Introduction to medical image processing

Enabling technologies for sports: fundamentals of

signal & video analysis

5XSB0Signal analysis and estimation
Master Courses
Course Code     Course Name
5CRA0Fundamental aspects of random signals
5SSB0Adaptive Information Processing
5SSC0Adaptive Array Signal Processing
5LSF0Applications of information theory
5LSB0Monitoring of respiration and circulation
5LSI0Brain MRI
5AUA0Advanced sensing using deep learning
5LSH0Advanced video content analysis & video compression
5LSJ0Image analysis for healthcare technologies
5LSE0Multimedia Video Coding and Architectures
5LSC0Biomedical sensing technology
5LSL0Signal Processing for Machine Learning
5LSK0Digital Wireless Communication Exploration Lab
Course Code     Course Name
5Z068Medical Ethics