Electro-Optical Communication Systems

Below you find all employees of the research group Electro-Optical Communication Systems grouped by position.

Name Positioncategory Position descr. Room Tel. number Email
Bokhoven, Y.M.D. van OBP HR medewerker TR 1.19 +31 40-247 3228 Email to Bokhoven, Y.M.D. van
Hulsen, P.H.W. MSc OBP P&O-adviseur FLX 0.107 +31 40-247 4869 Email to Hulsen, P.H.W. MSc
Mierden, E.M. van der OBP P&O-adviseur FLX 1.07 +31 40-247 4886 Email to Mierden, E.M. van der
Waterschoot - Martens, drs. T.A.M. van OBP HR medewerker FLX 0.107 +31 40-247 4688 Email to Waterschoot - Martens, drs. T.A.M. van

Total persons: 4