Plasma and Materials Processing

Below you find all employees of the research group Plasma and Materials Processing grouped by position.

Name Positioncategory Position descr. Room Tel. number Email
Pul, C. van UHD Universitair Hoofddocent FLX 0.111 +31 40-247 5625 Email to Pul, C. van
Janssen, M.J.A. OWP Docent FLX 0.111 +31 40-247 3483 Email to Janssen, M.J.A.
Kommers, dr. D.R. PD Postdoc FLX 0. Email to Kommers, dr. D.R.
Lammerts, I.M.M. OBP Onderwijscoördinator FLX 0.110 +31 6-28833594 Email to Lammerts, I.M.M.
Langenhuizen - Keulen, A.B.R.J. Secretary Secretaresse FLX 0.110 +31 40-247 2134 Email to Langenhuizen - Keulen, A.B.R.J.
Dierick - van Daele, dr. A.T.M. n.a. (onbekend) FLX 0.123 Email to Dierick - van Daele, dr. A.T.M.
Meijer, E.J. n.a. (onbekend) FLX 0. Email to Meijer, E.J.
Minkels, T.J.M. n.a. (onbekend) FLX 0. Email to Minkels, T.J.M.

Total persons: 8