SYMPOSIUM: Gravitation makes impact

Kick-off Research Centre for Integrated Nanophotonics     


Recently, the proposal to start a Research Centre for Integrated Nanophotonics at Eindhoven University of Technology was awarded  a 19.9 million euro subsidy by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The university itself is investing a further 20 million euros in the project.

Leading researchers Meint Smit, prof.dr. Harm Dorren, Erwin Kessels, prof.dr. Paul Koenraad, Ton Koonen, prof.dr. Bert Koopmans and prof.dr. Kevin Williams cordially invite you for the kick-off symposium of this new research project. 

DATE: MONDAY JUNE 16th, 2014


                    AUDITORIUM, BLAUWE ZAAL

In a panel discussion Jet Bussemaker (minister of Education), Rob van Gijzel (Mayor of Eindhoven), Peter Wennink (CEO ASML) and Hans van Duijn (Rector TU/e) will give their vision on the relation between leading edge research and technology innovation.

To find your way to and around the university and campus, please click on below link for more information:  The Auditorium is number 13 on the campus map

Registration is free. Please register by using the following link:


Congress programme


                    10.30-11.00 Welcome and registration

Photonics research (in English)  
11.00-11.30 NRC Photonics: from Regional to International Research Centre – Harm Dorren

11.30-12.00 The Gravitation Program: Leading in Integrated Nanophotonics – Meint Smit

12.00-12.30 Photonics Research Cooperation in Europe – Mike Wale 

                    12.30-14.00  Lunch break


Infrastructure (in English)   

14.00-14.10 NanoLabNL – Miriam Luizink 

14.10-14.15 Nanolab@TU/e - Bert Koopmans

14.15-14.30 Virtual lab tour

14.35-14.45 Genexis: fiber to the home – Gerlas van den Hoven

14.45-14.55 Technobis: photonic fiber sensing – Pim Kat  

14.55-15.05 Smart Photonics: photonic chips – Richard Visser  

15.05-15.15 Oxford instruments: photonics processing -   Mike Smyth


                    15.15-16.00 Coffee/tea break
Netwerksymposium (in Dutch)

16.00-16.05 Welkom door Jan Mengelers, voorzitter CvB
16.05-16.30 Forumdiscussie Jet Bussemaker, Peter Wennink, Rob van Gijzel, Remco van der Hofstadt, Jan Mengelers

16.30-16.55 Forumdiscussie Jet Bussemaker met studenten
16.55-17.00 Afsluitend woord Jet Bussemaker

                    17.00-18.00  Netwerkborrel