The aim of the COBRA colloquium

The COBRA colloquium is the scientific platform within the COBRA Inter-University Research Institute. In a COBRA colloquium, scientists from different disciplines share their major results with a wide audience within the communication and information technology community. The colloquium aims to be a cross-disciplinary forum between experts in communication networks and information systems, components engineers and material scientists. It is intended to strengthen the mutual interaction within COBRA and to provide an outlook into major developments in related disciplines.

The speakers

The COBRA colloquium aims to invite speakers who are not only experts within their own discipline, but who are also capable to communicate the major results and trends within their field towards a wider audience. The lectures at the COBRA colloquium are at a level which is comparable to an invited talk at an international conference. The COBRA colloquium will alternatively invite outstanding speakers from outside and senior COBRA scientists.

Upcoming Colloquia
Friday June 3, 201615:30KeynotePSNProf.dr. Ronald Hanson
16:30MiniECOSimone Cardarelli
16:45MiniFNAArno van den Brink

Previous Colloquia

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