The Clean room facility for processing III/V materials and Nanostructures

Nanolab@TU/e is the clean room facility of the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). It is an independent unit within the TU/e with his own organization.

NanoLab@TU/e has a unique position in The Netherlands but also in Europe and the world. The reason for that is the unique combination of very experienced process engineers and equipment within the clean room. In the clean room equipment can be found for epitaxy (MBE and single and multiwafer MOVPE), lithography (Ebeam, Contact aligner, ASML scanner and stepper) and all kinds of etch and depostition equipment. On the NanoLab@TU/e website a complete overview of the existing equipment is given, which all are open to external users.  COBRA is one of the internal users of the clean room of NanoLab@TU/e. PSN is using the clean room for the growth and processing of III/V nano structures (nano wires, QD’s etc). PhI is using the clean room mostly for processing InP related material to produce Application Specific Photonic Integrated Circuits (ASPICs) and for processing the IMOS (InP membranes on Silicon) platform and plasmonic lasers. Finally ECO is using NanoLab@TU/e also for processing photonic integrated devices.