Process Systems

Industrial process systems provide extensive opportunities and challenges in the area of process modeling, monitoring and control.  Such systems are not only nonlinear but have a multi-scale nature in size and in dynamics. We combine system theory, applied mathematics and engineering knowledge to achieve a high level of autonomy and improved performance in operation of such systems. 


  • Prof. A.C.P.M. Backx
  • Prof. P.J.M. Van den Hof
  • Prof. Siep Weiland
  • Dr. Leyla Ozkan
  • Dr. Roland Toth
  • Dr. J.H.A. Ludlage
  • Dr. Marcella Porru
  • Ir. Edwin Insuasty Moreno
  • Ir. Mohsin Siraj
  • Ir. Alrianes Bachnas
  • Ir. Bahadir Saltik