Courses and examination

Courses academic year 2016-2017

  • 5EWB0 Electrical Power Systems
  • 5LEA0 Protection and Automation of Distribution Networks
  • 5LEB0 Environment and Power Engineering
  • 5LEC0 Underground Power Cables
  • 5LED0 Smart grid operation through ICT
  • 5LEE0 Electrical Power Engineering and System Integration
  • 5LEF0 System integration project 1
  • 5LEG0 Pulsed Power Technology
  • 5LEH0 Power Quality Phenomena
  • 5LEI0 Pulsed power driven chemistry of plasmas
  • 5SEA0 Electrical Energy Phenomena & Relations
  • 5SEB0 Decentral Power Generation and Active Networks
  • 5SEC0 Planning and operation of power systems
  • 5SVA0 High-Voltage Technology
  • 5SVB0 Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • 5XWA0 Power System Analysis and Optimization