Internationally, the Netherlands has a unique position in applied electromagnetic research, housing major players in areas like astronomy, radar, space technology, EMC/EMI, bio-electromagnetics, optical fibers and components, RF technology, and lithography. To analyze and design such applications, the electromagnetic field needs to be analyzed and optimized in complicated three-dimensional configurations. The EM group contributes to this position by developing  new modeling strategies that enable the analysis and design of complicated three-dimensional structures that are representative of these applications, and applying state-of-the art modeling to applications suggested by our partners, with whom we maintain long-ranging collaborations. The antenna activities are fully embedded in the CWTe center and are aligned on 3TU level within the NARF ( Our medical activities (e.g. Hyperthermia) are embedded in the C3Te center and HTSC at TU/e level. Our advanced EM modeling and meta-material activities fits very well within the HTSC and CWTe. In the past 10 years we have continuously participated in large international (EU) projects with key partners from Industry (e.g. NXP, IMEC, TNO, Philips, ASML, Omniradar).