Through the activities of the part-time chairs, a revival in our antenna research had been established. The synergy with radio communication offers new challenges and opportunities. We observe a growing influence in EMC/EMI, particularly through our research on stochastic fields, while new activities are starting in electromagnetic fields and health and in wireless energy transfer at a distance. Both in electromagnetic and in radio communication, a large number of PhD projects have recently been completed or are near completion, while new projects are being initiated. This gives us the freedom to establish a balanced research program.


It should be mentioned that the team in Eindhoven is the last remaining source of fundamental and applied EM/RF knowledge in the Netherlands. This gives us on the one hand a unique insight into the industrial requirements for and applications of electromagnetics, and on the other hand a special responsibility for generating new concepts and educating engineers for the unique Dutch community that occupies itself with harnessing and applying electromagnetic fields in a wide range of technical applications.