THz Frontends research projects

Completed projects

On-chip sub-terahertz spectrometer for microfluidic analysis
DurationStart 01-12-2013, End 30-11-2015
PDEng studentXi Zhang
SupervisorMarion Matters - Kammerer
DescriptionSpectroscopy in the frequency range up to 1 THz has proven to be interesting for monitoring biochemical reactions and detect compounds in solutions. Integration of sub-terahertz spectroscopy into electronics, e.g. into CMOS technology, seems a very promising path to offer a cheaper alternative to current optical techniques. This project works towards a CMOS integrated demonstrator of a spectrometer with target applications in microfluidic analysis. Once the basic CMOS functions will be ready, full integration with a microfluidic package will be investigated.
Laboratory system for terahertz imaging spectroscopy of tissue samples
DurationStart 22-03-2013, End 21-03-2015
PDEng studentJuan Alfaro Zavala
SupervisorMarion Matters - Kammerer
DescriptionMm-wave and terahertz imaging of tissue samples has proven to discriminate between various types of tissue, e.g. cancerous tissue and healthy tissue as well as fat and muscle. In this project a free-space network analyzer for the WR 2.8 frequency band is designed and built based on commercially available components. It will be suitable for tissue analysis in the sub-terahertz. With this system new medical and also non-medical applications will be explored that are potentially interesting for companies and new research projects.