Ph.D. Vacancies

Ph.D. Positions

In our group Ph.D. positions are available on a regular basis. The first requirement for a potential applicant is that he or she is qualified for the job. First, this means that he/she has an M.Sc. degree (or equivalent degree, like 'ir' in the Netherlands), or will achieve that degree in short time. Second, that he/she is a top-level student, which can be interpreted as: he/she belongs to the top 10% of his/her class. This can be used as a general guideline.

The Ph.D. projects are in the field of mixed-signal microelectronics and defined along the MsM research lines. First we need only an indication of your field of interest. The specific topic of a Ph.D.project can be defined later. Further information can be found at 'information for Ph.D. candidates'.

If you are interested in a Ph.D. position in our group, and you think you might be qualified for it, please send an application letter, including your curriculum vitae, and information from your university, from which your qualification can be concluded. Please add as much as possible additional information about marks obtained and rankings (e.g. amongst colleague students). Any further quality indicators can be of help. Please indicate also the topics of research you are interested in. The application letter can be sent to the chairman of the group: P.G.M. Baltus, email address:

After reading your letter, we will give you a first reaction. This reaction will depend on our first assessment of your qualification and of the availability of positions. If there is enough mutual understanding on main lines and we do feel that you are qualified, and we also have a vacancy,  we can take your application into account in a ranking process with other candidates. In case you will be ranked high enough, we will start a formal review procedure, which also includes a screening procedure by the university (e.g. checking of degrees/certificates).

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If you want to know more about being a PhD student (AIO) please read the brochure "Promotion?", check out the pages of the AIO Consultative Body Eindhoven PromoVE.