Bachelor Courses 2017-2018

Course CodeCourse Name
5ECB0Electronic Circuits 1
5ECC0Electronic Circuits 2
5XCA0Fundamentals of Electronics
5XCB0Electronic and photonic components
5XPB0Nano devices and integration
5XTC0Components in wireless technologies

Master Courses 2017-2018

In the figure above you can see the advised course choices that lead to a suitable profile for one of the five MsM research areas. Two main specialisation tracks are visible: "Data Converters specialisation" and "RF specialisation". Based on these specialisation tracks additional electives can be chosen to prepare for your MSc thesis project.

Course CodeCourse NameCourse Type
5CCA0Semiconductor physics and materialsCore
5SFA0Data Converters 1: FundamentalsData Converters specialisation course
5SFD0Data Converters 2: DesignData Converters specialisation course
5SFB0RF Transceivers 1: FundamentalsRF specialisation course
5SFE0RF Transceivers 2: DesignRF specialisation course
5SFC0Advanced CMOS designData Converters and RF specialisation course
5SPB0Microwave engineering and antennasElective
5LFA0Low-power health electronicsElective
5LFB0THz systemsElective


Flexible and large area electronicsElective
5LFE0Novel concepts in environmental monitoringElective
5LFF0Electronics: selected topicsElective