40nm CMOS radar

Omniradar is a start-up designing and selling fully integrated radar ICs, with on-silicon integrated antennas in SiGe technologies. Future radar generations may require the implementation of (digital) signal processing on the same piece of silicon. This will require a move to CMOS processes. However, CMOS processes have a much higher 1/f-noise compared to SiGe processes, and the signals in an FMCW radar fall directly into the frequency band where the 1/f-noise dominates. Designing circuits with reduced 1/f-noise is not an option for optimum performance. It is foreseen that a change in radar architecture is required to alleviate the 1/f-noise problem. It is the purpose of this MSc project to investigate new radar architectures with minimal effect from 1/f-noise. 

The approach for investigating new architectures is by summarising potential architectures that solve the problem. Next these architectures are investigated by means of modelling and simulating of these architectures in f.i matlab, and deriving specifications for the critical blocks. Next the implementation into deep-submicron CMOS technologies will be persued.

The project may be large enough to host 2 students. Presence of the candidate at the Omniradar office for 1 day/week is appreciated.


Supervisor: P.T.M. van Zeijl, room Flux 7.089 (present on Fridays), or paul.van.zeijl@omniradar.com