Benchmark of commercial simulation tools/environment of PCB

Project description


With the integration of RF, mixed signal and digital building blocks on a single die, combined with the trend to go to higher frequencies to accommodate for higher data rates, it is essential to consider various on-chip coupling effects during the design phases of the IC.

Additionally, measures should be taken at the application level to reduce the impact of peripheral interactions (between chip, package, PCB, antenna, etc.), as well as the potential for self-interference, such that these are either eliminated or can be resolved on the fabricated product, thereby reducing the number of re-spins. Also, more and more present-day products have to pass rigorous EMC tests to ensure faultless performance of the complete system under a wide variety of conditions.

The mail focus of the project team is preventing EMC/EMI problems by applying the proper simulation methodologies, including simulation tools, during the design phase. This includes making use of dedicated EDA capabilities to address any EMC/EMI issues that can occur. Benchmarking of commercially available EDA capabilities, specifically for the electromagnetic simulation of PCBs to identify any EMC/EMI related issues, will be the major activity during this internship project.


Experience of working with Electromagnetic Simulation tools is recommended.
Also, having a basic knowledge of IC and PCB design techniques is recommended.

Training/education: B.Sc./M.Sc.
Branch of study: Electrical Engineering
Differentiation: Microelectronics

Trainee/Graduate: Both possible

Department description

The "Analog Design Enablement" department of NXP, located in Eindhoven, is part of the Central T&O organization. The technical scope of the “EMC & Interference” team within the department involves topics such as electromagnetic (EM) simulation for RF, EMC, on- and off-chip coupling, and related mixed-signal design flows/methodologies.

Name of department: Technology & Operations/P&TE/DE/Analog Design Enablement
Team: EMC & Interference

Contact details

Contact within NXP:
Rick Janssen
Department number: 231243
Telephone number: 06-22387859
Building: HTC46-2.09

Contact within TU/e:
If you are interested please contact Dr. D. Milosevic.