RF mixing-DAC for UWB impulse radio


Low data rate Wireless Personal Data Networks (IEEE 802.15.4/4a)


  • Signal bandwidth: mode 1 of ~500MHz and mode 2 of ~1 GHz ;
  • Carrier/center frequency: mode 1 of 4.5GHz/ 8GHz and mode 2 of ~ 8GHz;

*Targeting UWB band group 1 and 2.

Key requirements:

  • Meeting spectral emission mask requirement;
  • DAC output signal swing of ~2Vppd (peak current and load t.b.d);
  • Lowest possible power consumption (using CMOS latches & drivers);
  • Lowest possible silicon area;


  • Feasibility study of RF mixing DAC meeting the requirements mentioned above;
  • RF mixing DAC with resolution of ~ 7b (static linearity t.b.d), 8GS/s; 
  • Linearity for UWB signals meeting spectral emission requirements (t.b.d);


Contact person:

Dr. ir. Yu Lin
Principal Scientist
BU Automotive, R&D BL Car Infotainment & Driver Assistance
NXP Semiconductors
High Tech Campus 46 - 1.16, 5656AE Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Website: www.nxp.com