Overview of finished MSc thesis projects


"Model and design of a high-speed, power-efficient single-channel ADC with a hybrid architecture" by Jinhua Cao ; internal supervisor P.J.A. Harpe (MsM) ; external supervisors Yu Lin (NXP), Marcello Ganzerli (NXP)

"A fast response time, low IQ capacitor-less LDO regulator in 40nm CMOS" by Shalini Damani ; internal supervisor P.J.A. Harpe (MsM) ; external supervisors Frank van der Velden (NXP), Hamid Bonakdar (NXP), Cas Groot (NXP)

"System level analysis and modelling of MRI receiver imperfections and their influence on image quality" by T.F.G. Geelen ; supervisor G.I. Radulov (MsM) ; external supervisor F. van Liere (Philips Medical)

"High-linearity SAR ADCs using 2C DACs" by Xin Gu ; internal supervisor Georgi Radulov (MsM); external supervisor Robert van Veldhoven (NXP)

"Analysis and design of an ultrasound positioning system protocol for sensor swarms" by N.A.H. Puts ; internal supervisors Heinrich Wörtche (MsM), Hao Gao (MsM)

"Magnetically tunable magnetostatic surface wave (MSSW) bandpass filters at 4-8 GHz" by Yetkin Utku Sevincli ; internal supervisor M. Matters-Kammerer (MsM)


"Ka-band VSAT 4-channel phased array receiver demonstrator" by Ioannis N. Bligiannis ; supervisors A.B. Smolders (EM), P.G.M. Baltus (MsM)

"A hybrid design automation approach for a charge-redistribution SAR ADC" by Guibin Chen ; supervisor P.J.A. Harpe (MsM) ; external supervisor Ming Ding (IMEC-NL/Holst Centre), Benjamin Busze (IMEC-NL/Holst Centre)

"Feasibility study and conceptual design of a 12bit 800MS/s SAR ADC in 40nm CMOS" by Alphons Litjes ; supervisors J.A. Hegt (MsM), G.I. Radulov (MsM) ; external supervisor E. Janssen (NXP)

"0.1 GHz - 35.1 GHz broadband IF down-conversion mixer for 60 GHz fiber-optics receiver" by X. Liu ; supervisors P.G.M. Baltus (MsM), M.K. Matters-Kammerer (MsM), B. Wang (MsM)

"Design of a multichannel high-resolution ADC" by H. Xin ; supervisor P.J.A. Harpe (MsM), R.H.T.J. van Wegberg (IMEC-NL/Holst Centre)


"Low power 12b SAR ADC for 3D ultrasound" by Ashwin Bhat ; supervisors Pieter Harpe (MsM), Sotir Ouzounov (Philips Research), Jeannet van Rens (Philips Research)

"Structured design of a 60 GHz LNA in 40-nm CMOS technology" by Y. Chen ; supervisors P.G.M. Baltus (MsM), M.K. Matters-Kammmerer (MsM), C. Lu (MsM)

"Design of a biomedical system for fetal ECG monitoring" by G. Kraak ; supervisor E. Cantatore (MsM)