RF and mmWave Frontends

Wired and wireless communication both comprise an analog front-end which can receive and transmit information. In this research area, we mainly focus on wireless communication at mmwave frequencies, both for high-data-rate and for ultra-low-power communication. 

The main technological challenges are in the high frequencies involved (from tens of GHz, up to the maximum frequencies that can be handled in advanced IC technology nodes), the ultra-low power performance, and high power efficiency.

In this RF and mmWave Frontend research area we are exploring amongst others:

  • High-frequency frontend modules, comprising LNAs, VCOs, mixers, amplifiers, filters, matching circuits, and power amplifiers.
  • Frontends comprising on-chip antennas and matching networks
  • Power-efficient and linearized power amplifiers for non-constant envelope signals
  • Distributed amplifiers
  • Phased-array frontends
  • Adaptive, programmable and smart frontends
  • Distributed frontends
  • Opto-electronic high-data-rate systems
  • Ultra-low power frontend systems, up to protocols, and down to wake-up receivers
  • High-frequency scavenging and power transfer

Research projects of mmWave Frontends

A list of projects within the "RF and mmWave Frontends" research area can be found here.