Scientific staff

Below you find a list of all scientists of the department Electrical Engineering in alphabetical order.

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Name Section Positioncategory Room Tel. number Email
Dam, ir. B. van EES PhD Stud. FLX 2.081 Email to Dam, ir. B. van
Dam, ir. J.R.M. van EPE PhD Stud. FLX 2.130 +31 40-247 5552 Email to Dam, ir. J.R.M. van
Damen, A.A.H. CS UHD FLX 5.131 Email to Damen, A.A.H.
Danilov, dr. D.L. CS PD FLX 5.076 Email to Danilov, dr. D.L.
Das, A. CS PhD Stud. FLX 5.080 +31 40-247 2300 Email to Das, A.
Das, A. VCA PhD Stud. FLX 5.092 Email to Das, A.
De, S. ES PhD Stud. FLX 0. Email to De, S.
Demir, S. MSc EES PhD Stud. FLX 0. Email to Demir, S. MSc
Deng, ir. X. SPS PhD Stud. FLX 7. +31 40-247 8692 Email to Deng, ir. X.
Detterer, P. ES PhD Stud. FLX 0. Email to Detterer, P.
Deursen, dr. A.P.J. van EES UD FLX 3.134 +31 40-247 4434 Email to Deursen, dr. A.P.J. van
Deursen, ir. A. van EES PhD Stud. FLX 3.078 +31 40-247 4609 Email to Deursen, ir. A. van
Dhar, D. MSc MsM PhD Stud. FLX 7.084 Email to Dhar, D. MSc
Diepen, A. van BSc SPS PhD Stud. FLX 7.060 Email to Diepen, A. van BSc
Dolmans, G. ES HGL FLX 0. Email to Dolmans, G.
Donkers, M.C.F. CS UD FLX 5.131 +31 40-247 3579 Email to Donkers, M.C.F.
Doris, K. MsM HGL FLX 7.089 Email to Doris, K.
Drenthen, G.S. MSc VCA PhD Stud. FLX 5.092 Email to Drenthen, G.S. MSc
Driessen, A.B.J.M. EES PhD Stud. FLX 3.078 Email to Driessen, A.B.J.M.
Duarte, dr. J.L. EPE UD FLX 2.131 +31 40-247 3569 Email to Duarte, dr. J.L.
Dubbelman, dr. G. VCA UD FLX 5.092 +31 40-247 2386 Email to Dubbelman, dr. G.
Duipmans, ir. L.J. MsM PhD Stud. FLX 7.085 Email to Duipmans, ir. L.J.
Duisterwinkel, H.A. MSc SPS PhD Stud. FLX 7.079 Email to Duisterwinkel, H.A. MSc
Dukovska, I. MSc EES PhD Stud. FLX 0. Email to Dukovska, I. MSc

Total persons: 24