Scientific staff

Below you find a list of all scientists of the department Electrical Engineering in alphabetical order.

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Name Section Positioncategory Room Tel. number Email
Raaijmakers, ir. E.A.L. EM PhD Stud. FLX 9.078 +31 40-247 2308 Email to Raaijmakers, ir. E.A.L.
Rabotti, dr. C. SPS UD FLX 7.076 +31 40-247 2340 Email to Rabotti, dr. C.
Raddo, dr. T.R. ECO PD FLX 0. Email to Raddo, dr. T.R.
Radha, M.G. SPS PhD Stud. FLX 0. Email to Radha, M.G.
Radulov, dr. G.I. MSc MsM UD FLX 7.089 +31 40-247 5131 Email to Radulov, dr. G.I. MSc
Ramaswamy, ir. K.R. CS PhD Stud. FLX 5.130 +31 40-247 2300 Email to Ramaswamy, ir. K.R.
Raz, dr. O. ECO UHD FLX 9.087 +31 40-247 3521 Email to Raz, dr. O.
Reinders, ir. J. EES PhD Stud. FLX 2.076 +31 40-247 3827 Email to Reinders, ir. J.
Remmen, ir. F. VCA PhD Stud. FLX 5.092 Email to Remmen, ir. F.
Reniers, S.F.G. MSc PHI PhD Stud. FLX 0. Email to Reniers, S.F.G. MSc
Rijn, ir. M.B.J. van PHI PhD Stud. FLX 9.104 +31 40-247 3789 Email to Rijn, ir. M.B.J. van
Roa Villescas, M. MSc ES PhD Stud. FLX 0. Email to Roa Villescas, M. MSc
Roc'h, A. EES UD FLX 2.135 Email to Roc'h, A.
Roermund, A.H.M. van MsM HGL em FLX 0. Email to Roermund, A.H.M. van
Roes, M.G.L. EPE UD FLX 2.132 +31 40-247 8806 Email to Roes, M.G.L.
Romijn, ir. T.C.J. CS PhD Stud. FLX 5.078 +31 40-247 8139 Email to Romijn, ir. T.C.J.
Rommel, S. ECO PD FLX 9.080 +31 40-247 5704 Email to Rommel, S.
Roomi Zadeh, A. MSc VCA PhD Stud. FLX 0. Email to Roomi Zadeh, A. MSc
Roos, M.H. EES PhD Stud. FLX 3. Email to Roos, M.H.
Rossum, ir. M.J.R.A. van EM PhD Stud. FLX 7.072 +31 40-247 2086 Email to Rossum, ir. M.J.R.A. van
Rustichelli, V. PHI PhD Stud. FLX 9.060 Email to Rustichelli, V.

Total persons: 21