Symposium Future of User Experience Design

28 June
13:00 - 18:00
Zwarte Doos, TU/e


For people who are active in the User Experience domain or who create enabling technologies for the digital society equipped to function at the interface between people and technology (both managers and practitioners). 


Meet like-minded people and extend your network during this afternoon filled with inspiring talks about the future of UX. Get more information on our website!


Learn from Brian Pagán, Founder and UX Mentor at The Greatness Studiohow to discuss emotion, empathy and ethics in UX; how our evolving relationship with technology makes our humanity more important than ever.


Listen to the business experiences of three top alumni from the User System Interaction Program at TU/e. 

  • Lennart Overkamp from Mirabeau will introduce you to his 6-step guide for co-creating experience maps with stakeholders during his talk about 'Mapping Customer Experience'.
  • Pieta van der Molen from Nedap Healthcare will share her '10 lessons learned' while applying user-centered design methods during the development of a diabetes game.
  • We will announce the third speaker soon.

You can find more information about the speakers on our website.


Connect to one of the UX Talents from the program User System Interaction at TU/e from multi-disciplinary backgrounds such as psychology, industrial design and computer science. 

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