Mission statement

The mission of the Industrial Design Department at Eindhoven University of Technology is to perform research on and to provide education in: 'Creating intelligent systems, products and related services in a societal context.'

In the Department of Industrial Design at TU/e we aim for a new type of engineering discipline: design and creation of intelligent systems, products, and related services in a societal context. An intelligent system and product is characterized by adaptive behavior based on the situation, context of use and users' needs and desires. In particular, we focus on problems and opportunities that are of benefit to individuals, societies and different cultures worldwide.

By system, we primarily mean an adaptive environment in which humans can interact with intelligent products to gain access to services. The intelligent products are connected to each other and to the surrounding system to achieve new types of user experiences. To create such interactive and intelligent environments, we provide expertise for the context of use, the conceptual design, the implementation and realization, and evaluation. Appropriate expertise for production processes is provided to realize all these in an industrial and commercial setting.

The main target of the design expertise is the interaction between users and systems in a context of use. The design of these interactive patterns means creating a dynamic structure in four dimensions of space and time.'