prof. A.A.J. (Ad) van Berlo - Education

Berlo, prof. A.A.J. van
Address :
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
P.O. Box 513
Chair :
Entrepreneurial Design of Intelligent Systems
Department :
Department of Industrial Design
Section :
Systemic Change
Positioncategory :
Professor (HGL)
Position :
Full Professor
Room :
LG 1.47
Tel :
+31 40-247 3601
Tel (internal) :
Tel (inh internal) :
Email :

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  • DAC210 Preparation FMP - Constructive Design Research (BPD) (Docent)
  • DAC220 Final Master Project - Constructive Design Research (BPD) (Docent)
  • DAD210 Preparation FMP - Design Leadership and Entrepreneurship (BPD) (Docent)
  • DAD220 Final Master Project - Design Leadership and Entrepreneurship (BPD) (Docent)
  • DAM110 Activating your Innovation Radar (Docent)
  • DAM120 Design Innovation Strategies (Mede-docent)
  • DAM130 From Creative Ideas to Business (Verantwoordelijk docent)
  • DAP210 Preparation Final Master Project (BPD) (Docent)
  • DAP220 Final Master Project (BPD) (Docent)
  • DAR210 Preparation FMP - Research, Design and Development (BPD) (Docent)
  • DAR220 Final Master Project - Research, Design and Development (BPD) (Docent)
  • DB512 Exploring the Business Landscape (Mede-docent)
  • DB514 Activating your Innovation Radar (Mede-docent)
  • DB516 Innovative Concepts to Business (Verantwoordelijk docent)
  • DB520 Planning for a Design Start-up (Mede-docent)
  • DEB112 Design Thinking (Mede-docent)
  • DEM111 From Creative Ideas to Business (Verantwoordelijk docent)
  • DEM112 Activating your Innovation Radar (Mede-docent)
  • DEM113 Design Innovation Strategies (Mede-docent)
  • DG517 Making Business ID's (Verantwoordelijk docent)