dr.ir. F.L.M. (Frank) Delbressine - Education

Delbressine, dr.ir. F.L.M.
Address :
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
P.O. Box 513
Department :
Department of Industrial Design
Section :
Future Everyday
Positioncategory :
Assistant Professor (UD)
Position :
Assistant Professor
Room :
LG 1.76
Tel :
+31 40-247 4981
Tel (internal) :
Tel (inh internal) :
Email :

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  • 3NAB0 Applied physical sciences conceptual (Mede-docent)
  • DB212 Lego beyond Toys (Verantwoordelijk docent)
  • DB221 "Anything goes ..." (Verantwoordelijk docent)
  • DB222 Rapid Prototyping (Verantwoordelijk docent)
  • DBB110 Creative Mechanical Engineering (Verantwoordelijk docent)
  • DBC210 Preparation FMP - Constructive Design Research (DI) (Docent)
  • DBC220 Final Master Project - Constructive Design Research (DI) (Docent)
  • DBD210 Preparation FMP - Design Leadership and Entrepreneurship (DI) (Docent)
  • DBD220 Final Master Project - Design Leadership and Entrepreneurship (DI) (Docent)
  • DBM110 Complex and Adaptive Systems (Verantwoordelijk docent)
  • DBM411 Anything goes in Biotopia (Verantwoordelijk docent)
  • DBP210 Preparation Final Master Project (DI) (Docent)
  • DBP220 Final Master Project (DI) (Docent)
  • DBR210 Preparation FMP - Research, Design and Development (DI) (Docent)
  • DBR220 Final Master Project - Research, Design and Development (DI) (Docent)
  • DC403 Class Techno: Lego beyond toys (Mede-docent)
  • DDBC31 Bachelor 3rd Year, 1st semester (B3.1) (Docent)
  • DDP004 Smart Mobility (Verantwoordelijk docent)
  • DFB211 Materialisation (Verantwoordelijk docent)
  • DG201 Rapid Prototyping (Verantwoordelijk docent)
  • DG205 Material Behaviour (Verantwoordelijk docent)
  • DG206 Manufacturing Technology (Verantwoordelijk docent)
  • DG216 Mechanics for ID (Verantwoordelijk docent)
  • DG235 Design Rides (Mede-docent)
  • DG240 Mechanical Engineering and Design (Verantwoordelijk docent)
  • DG290 Creative Programming (Mede-docent)
  • DG292 Cross-section Integrating Technology for Design (Mede-docent)
  • DG2K2 Cross-section Integrating Technology for Design (Mede-docent)
  • DJD06 Workshop: Rapid Prototyping (Mede-docent)
  • DPA301 Tangible and Reciprocal Shape changing Interfaces (Mede-docent)
  • DPB210 Project 2 Design (Docent)
  • DPB220 Project 3 Design Research (Docent)
  • DPB230 Project Design (Research) (Docent)
  • DPB390 Final Bachelor Project (Docent)
  • DPC301 in-Transportation interaction (Mede-docent)
  • DPC401 Autonomous Vehicles (Mede-docent)
  • DPF201 Tools for Medical Specialists (Verantwoordelijk docent)
  • DPM110 Project 1 Design (Docent)
  • DPM120 Project 2 Design Research (Docent)