Name Section Positioncategory Room Tel. number Email
Feijs, L.M.G. DI HGL LG 1.78 +31 40-247 5360 Email to Feijs, L.M.G.
Feng, Y. MSc DI PhD Stud. LG 1.55 +31 40-247 4681 Email to Feng, Y. MSc
Frederiks, K. MSc DI PhD Stud. LG 1.75 +31 40-247 8563 Email to Frederiks, K. MSc
Frens, J.W. DQI UD LG 1.110-115 Email to Frens, J.W.
Funk, dr. M. DI UD LG 1.63 +31 40-247 5298 Email to Funk, dr. M.

Total persons: 5

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