Study association


Lucid is the study association for Industrial Design students at the University of Technology in Eindhoven. The program's innovative look at design and her huge amount of enthusiastic students are the basis of Lucid. By offering a variety of activities focused on innovation, creation and design in a social context, Lucid is capable to support the development of young designers in a creative way. 

The activities Lucid organizes stimulate the students in an educative and social way: excursions, lectures, workshops, study trips abroad, sport events, parties and a weekly drink in our own Besides that, Lucid offers an extensive package of services like study related materials and books.

Furthermore, Lucid functions as a bridge between the students as well as companies or organizations. Students can participate in committees and be the link between fellow students and the professional world of designers. This stimulates students to create and innovate, to take risks and to grow as a designer.

The board of Lucid consists of six students, who work full-time to run the association. The board is responsible for the well-being of the association. This year, the 15th board of study association Lucid presents herself as:

      • Oscar van Beek (Chairman)
      • Renee Noortman (Secretary & Commissioner of Public Relations)
      • Hannah Keulen (Treasurer)
      • Lei Nelissen (Commissioner of Education & Commissioner of Festival)
      • Peter Roosen (Commissioner of Internal Affairs & Vice Chairman)
      • DaniĆ«lle Ramp (Commissioner of External Affairs) 

      More information about the association, committees and events can be found at the website

      You can find us in the or board room in the Laplace Building, room 0.01. You can also contact us by e-mail or phone 040-2474181.