Students with a Dutch degree (hbo or wo)

You have direct access to the TU/e-master’s program Industrial Design after completing the TU/e bachelor's program Industrial Design. This also goes for a bachelor's degree Industrial Design of Delft University of Technology or Industrial Design or Creative Technology of University of Twente. In these cases you can apply directly via Studielink

Do you have a relevant, Dutch bachelor's degree that doesn’t grant direct admission to the Industrial Design master? In that case: first apply for a pre-master's program via Studielink. Under ‘bachelor programs', you will find the pre-master's program that corresponds to the Industrial Design master. After your application in Studielink, you can send in a request for admission to the Departmental Admissions Board (FTC). There are four possible outcomes: 

  • direct admission to the master’s program*,
  • admission to the master’s program in which you will take one, two or three bachelor courses to work on  your ‘deficiencies’*,
  • admission to the pre-master,
  • no admission.

* These options are only available for students with an academic bachelor’s degree. With a vocational bachelor’s degree (hbo) you cannot enter a TU/e master directly. You will first need to complete the pre-master’s program. For hbo-students, Industrial Design offers three ‘standard’ pre-master’s programs, depending on whether you have a background in design, engineering or social sciences. 

Students with a foreign degree

Do you have a foreign bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) and want to enroll in the master’s program of Industrial Design? In that case TU/e's International Office first assesses your admission. Therefore we refer you to the general pages about bachelor from a university outside the Netherlands.

After filling out the online application from, you send in a request for admission. This will be assessed by our Departmental Admissions Board (FTC). Again, there are four possible outcomes:

  • direct admission to the master’s program,
  • admission to the master’s program in which you will take one, two or three bachelor courses to work on your ‘deficiencies’,
  • admission to the pre-master (possible only for students from EU-countries plus Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland),
  • no admission.