Student information activities

Are you a bachelor’s student from university or hbo, interested in the Industrial Design master's program? Are you curious to find out if this program fits your interests and ambitions? In that case, please visit the Graduate School Event, watch the online webinar and/or sign up for an orientation day. You can also come by during a final demo day. We gladly help you choose the program that fits you best. 

To get a taste of what happens in our department, we also invite you to like Industrial Design on Facebook. We share examples of projects, activities and news.  

Do you have specific questions at this point? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Study information TU/e

TU Eindhoven recognizes the importance of the right choice of program. Aside from the information activities at our department, you can find an overview of study information activities here. These events and activities are for both high school and bachelors’ students.