Constructive Design Research

The ‘Constructive Design Research’ track supports you in developing the mentality, skills and expertise you need to contribute to the design and research community’s knowledge about how design interacts with research.

You develop your skills in Research through Design. This is a unique combination of expert prototyping skills, excellent theoretical knowledge, the ability to design based on theory and the ability to think/do independently (Self Directed Learning). The main outcomes of your work are research prototypes and the theoretical frameworks that describe and explain them. This combination creates new knowledge and encourages the use of technological design in societal contexts.

The final Master’s degree project is performed in collaboration with one of the Department’s professors. The result is a submission for publication in a scientific journal and/or a PhD proposal. This track prepares you for working as a PhD candidate in a design research setting. After gaining your PhD, you can pursue an academic career at a Dutch or foreign university. Alternatively, you may want to initiate your own start-up or accept a position at director level with a major corporation such as BMW, Philips, Microsoft or TomTom.