Why Eindhoven?

Unique educational approach

The most noteworthy characteristics of the master's program Industrial Design at TU Eindhoven are: 

  • Focus on designing intelligent systems, products and services in a societal context.
  • A competency centered and self-directed educational model that prepares you for the future.
  • A strong relation to the professional work field: no gap between theory and practice.
  • An international setting: a close-knit network of international partners.
  • Integration of education and research. 

The City of Eindhoven

Eindhoven lies in the technological heart of the Netherlands, also known as Brainport. Brainport is a substantial contributor to national industrial export and generates almost 40% of all patents registered in the Netherlands each year. The region is home to many companies of international stature, such as Philips, DAF Trucks and ASML. TU Eindhoven collaborates with these companies that offer students internship opportunities and job prospects.

Aside from that, Eindhoven is a veritable design city, with our department of Industrial Design, the Design Academy, the Dutch Design Week and a vibrant, creative industry that offers a great climate for innovative startups. As a student you can also be part of the Dutch Design Week: as part of our own exhibition Mind the Step or on one of the many other locations throughout the city.

Study Association Lucid

Lucid is the study association for Industrial Design students at TU Eindhoven. The program's innovative look at design and her enthusiastic, involved students are the cornerstones of this very active study association. Lucid's activities stimulate students in an educative and social way: excursions, lectures, workshops, study trips abroad, (sport) events, parties and a weekly drink in the Lucid.bar. Also, Lucid offers an extensive package of services like study related materials and books.

Furthermore, Lucid also functions as a bridge between students, companies and organizations. Join one of the many committees that stimulate you to create and innovate, to take risks and to grow as a designer. Take a look at Lucid’s website for more information on activities, committees and more!