Admission and selection


In order to guarantee its high level education, Industrial Design has set a ceiling (numerus fixus) for the number of students that can enter the bachelor’s program as of September 2018.

// Please note: There will be some minor adjustments to the 2019 procedure. You will be able to find it here no later than October 1, 2018. //
Based on the following criteria a ranking number will be given.

  • Your average grade of your pre-exam high school year (50%)
  • Your participation in all selection activities (50%)
    • Timely completion of the two online questionnaires (a TU/e and an Industrial Design questionnaire)
    • Participation in a selection day
    • Timely submittion of reflection assignment

Important dates

January 15 is the deadline for registering in Studielink and uploading your certified school results of your pre-exam high school year. After that, you will receive an invitation by e-mail to complete the two online questionnaires and apply for one of the selection days. 

The selection days for Industrial Design will take place on:

  • Thursday March 7, 2019
  • Friday March 8, 2019

If we are unable to accommodate everyone during these two days, there will be an extra day scheduled on Monday, March 11. If you do not live in the Netherlands and you are unable to attend one of the selection days, you need to ask permission no later (date to be announced) by sending an e-mail to to fulfill the mandatory selection day differently. 

Two weeks before the selection day you will receive the homework assignment via e-mail. The deadline for the reflection assignment is one week after the selection day.

If you have met all parts of the procedure, you will receive a ranking number based on the criteria. On April 15 your ranking number will be announced via Studielink. For the further course of the proceedings, please check the central procedure for the selection process


Do you have a foreign high school diploma and want to study Industrial Design? TU/e proudly welcomes students from all over the world. However, before we can grant admission we need to check that your previous educational background is at a sufficient level to participate successfully in the bachelor's program Industrial Design. TU/e's International Office handles all foreign admissions. Go to this roadmap to find out more about the application procedure, English proficiency requirements and more.

If you have a Dutch diploma, click on 'Nederlands' in the header and read about the admission requirements that apply to you.