Students may conduct internships during their bachelor or master program. For a period of four to five months, students will contribute to your organization. 

An internship provides students with the opportunity to experience a professional design or design research context, and to develop specific knowledge and skills outside the educational program. It is important that students will work on their own development as formulated in their internship proposal. 

During the internship, students take part in the work of your company, institution or research department. They will integrate their learned expertise in the context of the organization and develop their identity and vision in a professional setting. During the internship the students are triggered to think about their future profession.

Hire an intern

Do you want to hire an Industrial Design intern? Do you fulfil the Industrial Design internship prerequisites? Please e-mail us so we can put your vacancy on our list.

Make sure to check the following: 

  • Verify the design project setup and outcomes in the student’s internship proposal 
  • Agree on the placement fee and available resources 
  • Finalize internship agreement (stageovereenkomst)