Awareness, Connectedness and Privacy

Description from UCE perspective

Technologies for sensing and machine perception enable the automatic collection of information regarding the activities and whereabouts of individuals and even some (limited) inferences to be drawn regarding their intentions (e.g., reachability for communication). Providing such information to others whether in the physical neighbourhood or through a computer network can support activities of humans such as coordinating their communication and collaboration, feeling emotionally connected, socializing. It also raises concerns regarding the privacy of the people concerned. This research explores a) means by which users can control how they are presented to others, b) the needs such systems can serve and the corresponding affective costs and benefits experienced c) the acceptability of this class of systems. Further, as this is a new field methodologies for conducting research in this domain are being developed and refined.

Research activities

Educational activities

  • Master Module on Awareness Systems
  • Master Module on End User Programming
  • Theme Calm and Aware
  • Theme Social Interactions