Industrial Design students win two BRAINS Awards

Industrial Design students Joca van der Horst (Onda) and Rosalie Oomen, Daisy O'Neill and Jessie Lauret (SMOCK-IT) took home the Innovation Award and the Audience Award respectively at the finals of the BRAINS Awards held at the Muziekgebouw in Eindhoven on June 15.

A small idea can make a big impact - that is why the BRAINS award annually hosts a competition for the most innovative, social or sustainable idea from Eindhoven. The BRAINS award is founded by the town council of Eindhoven, who work together with the TU/e Innovation Lab. Eindhoven-based students - from TU/e, Fontys, Summa, SintLucas and Design Academy Eindhoven - can all participate by submitting their idea.

The categories for the award are Sustainablilty, Innovation, Livability and Publics Choice, with a total of 7 prizes for bright minds with great ideas. During the finale, the TOP 20 students presented their ideas in a short pitch, and both a jury of experts as well as the public voted on their favorite.

Innovation Award Winner - Joca van der Horst - "Onda"

Onda is a nano polymer coated textile that improves the air quality in a room. The system is designed to make this purification process easy, effective and visible to users. People choose a frame and custom textile design that fits their style. Recent developments in nano coatings (based on titanium dioxide and copper) open the possibility for textiles to clean the air. By pressing on the fabric, light shows the general air quality for a limited time; fading in various levels of the human breathing rhythm: slow and calm means that the air is clean, while stressed and fast fading indicates the presence of pollution.

Audience Award Winners - Rosalie Oomen, Daisy O'Neill, Jessie Lauret - "SMOCK-IT"

Smock-IT is a personalized smocking service with a mission: to make women feel more comfortable in intimidating situations. It acts as a shield, applies comforting pressure and reshapes the body. Smock-IT is both a tool for designers, and a customized clothing product for women. As a tool for designers, the Smock-IT program adjusts patterns to accommodate smocking techniques, calculates the amount of fabric needed and laser cuts the appropriate pattern. The Smock-IT team then smocks the fabric and the pattern is returned to the designer to assemble. As a customized clothing product, Smock-IT's online platform allows women to decide where to implement smocking in their garment. This gives women the freedom to accentuate the parts of their bodies they like and reshape those which they are not as comfortable with. Currently, the team are in cooperation with fashion designers around Eindhoven to bring smock-it into the world.

We would like to congratulate our students on winning their awards for their outstanding work!