Two TU/e Industrial Design Projects win at iF DESIGN TALENT AWARDS 2017

Each year, iF International Forum Design GmbH organizes one of the world's most celebrated and valued design competitions: the iF DESIGN AWARD. Recognized as a symbol of design excellence around the world, the iF DESIGN AWARD welcomes over 5,000 submissions from 70 countries every year.

The aim of the "iF Design Talent Award" is to put good designs by young people in the spotlight and connect future designers with business owners, established designers, and each other. The winners of this year's edition, the best young designers of 2017 -  have finally been announced!

An international expert jury evaluated over 5,000 design concepts submitted from 45 countries. Following lengthy deliberation, the jury selected 68 young designers as winners of the iF DESIGN TALENT AWARD. Congratulations to the two TU/e Industrial Design projects, "TP Surgery"and "Ripple", who were two of the 68 that won at the 2017 iF Design Talent Awards this year!

TP Surgery

Category: Future Healthcare – Using Technology to Keep Us Healthier
Students: Jiachun Du, Tong Wu, Tom van Rooij

TPSurgery is an interactive surgery assist system that helps to show information on the patient and adjusts surgery light with non-touch control. With this system, the surgeon can adjust surgery light in 3 dimensions as well as scan through the patient's information with gestures on both a graphical user interface and a tangible user interface. If something goes wrong, the surgeons get feedback from red lights that light up around the sensor. This helps surgeons to get what they want in a cleaner and easier way.


Category: Smart Homes, Connected Cities – Visions for Cities and Citizens
Student: Anke van Oosterhout

Ripple is an interface designed to control interaction with an intelligent thermostat. As systems become more intelligent and adaptive, communication with them becomes more complex. This interface uses shape change and haptic force feedback to balance human and system control in interaction, while it also aims to teach the user better energy-saving habits. Additionally, the shape is used to reflect the activity of the thermostat throughout the day when the system is controlling the temperature.

iF Design Talent Award

The iF Design Talents GmbH, a non-profit company founded by iF, supports young design talent from all over the world, with the aim to create networks between young designers, business and industry.The entire revenue generated by the iF DESIGN TALENTS GmbH goes towards projects that support young talent, for example towards the iF Design Talent Award, which is organized using iF's know-how and experience.

"Today, iF is looking towards the future. Now as never before, the future of design and the future of our entire planet are intertwined. Problems such as inequality, overconsumption and climate change have been addressed by designers before. Today and tomorrow, social responsibility is a topic that design cannot ignore. Established designers and students alike are challenged as never before to find creative solutions to the greatest problems of our time." - iF Design Awards