I dream of a future where everything is made for the person who’s wearing it

“I dream of a future where everything is made for the person who’s going to be wearing or using it”. Our very own Troy Nachtigall speaks about the work he does at the Wearable Senses Lab as an Industrial Design TU/e PhD student.

Industrial Design students have the added opportunity to work with doctoral candidates like Troy when they opt for the project squad "Crafting of Everyday Soft Things". The squad covers projects that create new experiences around and through digital products and services. They implement prototyping techniques such as 3D printing to explore the intersection of these themes by designing future soft things that leverage data as a design material with the aim of enriching our engagement with the world around us.

Troy is involved in the project called "Solemaker.io" - a platform for creating a new way to think about shoes. Instead of directly designing shoes, they generate shoes through generative, algorithmic parametric algorithms based on usage data coming from the sensors embedded inside of the shoes. They are designing an Ultra Personalised Product Service platform where the shoes are co-used, co-designed, co-analysed and co-produced by all stakeholders including the manufacturers, designers, stylists, brands and of course the wearer. With this, they aim to create shoes that fit better physically, kinetically, aesthetically and with materials that are better for us all.

Solemaker.io was one of five Eindhoven based projects that won €50,000 in the European contest organized by WEAR Sustain in collaboration with Creative Ring Eindhoven, with the goal to develop innovative wearables.

Creative Ring Eindhoven is a new initiative that aims to connect creative industries with the ‘industrial creatives’ from knowledge institutes and (technological) companies. The Ring also has hubs in in Aarhus, Barcelona, Brussels and Ghent.