Human perspective

The User Centered Engineering group takes this human perspective as the focus for its research on human-system interaction. By bringing together technology and insights from cognitive and social psychology in the design process, the UCE group:

  • Creates and explores concepts for natural interaction that contribute to better  interfacing of systems to humans,
  • Investigates the applicability of relevant enabling technologies through their deployment and integration in different problem domains, and
  • Develops design and evaluation methods that establish a close coupling between concept development and the goals, needs and desires of the users.

Intelligent systems

The user-centered ‘research through design’ activities carried out by the members of the UCE group are focussed on two (broad) classes of intelligent systems:

  • Awareness systems that support sustained interaction between individuals or groups and that allow people to build up and maintain with little effort an understanding of the activities of each other. In this way, awareness systems can, for example, support social presence and connectedness.
  • Systems that support Co-located Mediated Interaction, i.e., systems that support people at the same location in interacting with each other and with physical artefacts in order to reach a common goal or target.