Valorization and innovation

Innovation Lab

Activities in the field of knowledge valorization are united in the TU/e Innovation Lab and concentrated on three pillars: intensification and strengthening of strategic cooperation with large enterprises, development of innovation projects and promoting business development with SMEs, and boosting the entrepreneurship of starters. The idea behind Innovation Lab is that through specific innovation push, proactive technology and knowledge transfer and efforts in the area of business development, TU/e contributes to the development of the knowledge economy in the Netherlands. This unit acts as a central point for all questions from the business community. Within this setting, activities are started, expanded, intensified and attuned to each other. As a result TU/e Innovation Lab is becoming a crucial player at the interface between scientific knowledge and its application in the everyday practice of the business community.

Innovation Lab and ID
The Industrial Design Department and Innovation Lab are collaborating intensively. Discussions to arrange Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for students when they enroll, were initiated by the Industrial Design Department. The resulting agreements are applied TU/e-wide. ID also collaborates with Innovation Lab in the projects, e.g. the successor to the Creative Conversion Factory, CCF2. Furthermore, ID alumni who start up companies are supported by Innovation Lab.