Design Innovation Strategies


To do research on methods and strategies for combining design insights and emerging technologies to create valuable innovations.

Main Research Interest

The Design Innovation Strategy group focuses on interdisciplinary collaboration between design and engineering technology to develop innovative products, especially on applying design insights to envision and interpret emerging technologies in future scenarios. We investigated research questions such as how to design for end user insights in a societal context, how to enable better envisioning and interpretation of emerging technologies, and how to define/redefine values of an innovation. Currently, we focus on making sense of smart things ---designing for human/ IoT interfaces, and Design for innovation in active and healthy ageing.

Success Stories


Visualization of User Preferences from Apps4Home project. We designed ways to visualize machine understanding of user preference and conflicts among different users.

Visualization of Alternatives and Trade-offs from Apps4Kid project. We designed an interface to let users make decision based on visualization of predicted consequences.


This project aims at supporting more effective prevention and self-care strategies by creating a smarter, more accessible and versatile link among the elderly person, their living environment and the support network around them by creating an elderly-oriented, network-based service aimed at fostering independent life. Please find more information here.


Exploration of design for behavior change in the context of active ageing 

Europe’s shifting demographics and the large increase in senior citizens is expected to put an unmanageable train on existing healthcare systems within Europe. The REACH (Responsive Engagement of the Elderly Promoting Activity and Customized Healthcare) project aims at creating a product service system that will evolve care environments into personalisable modular sensing, prevention and intervention systems that encourage senior citizens to live an active lifestyle, in order to improve their quality of health. Please find more information here