Skill development with serious toys: The effective use of fun for children's skill development by means of tangible electronics

Name drs. Janneke Verhaegh PDEng
Advisors prof.dr. Kees Overbeeke, Wilma Resing, Willem Fontijn

Children's education is moving towards more independent forms of learning. Educational effectiveness depends strongly on offering a challenge that fits the abilities of the child. This can be well supported with computerized tangibles, which offer a natural and enjoyable form of interaction.

TagTiles*, a tabletop gaming console, combines object localization and an LED-array. The game ‘Tap de klein egel' addresses various cognitive skills. The achievements on this game correlate highly with results of children on non-verbal tasks in an IQ test (WISC). It can be played autonomously, providing instruction and support during play and adapting to the player's abilities.

*developed by Serious Toys BV