Sustainable Innovation

Students in our Sustainable Innovation major have the ambition to create a more sustainable future. In our program, you will gain in depth knowledge of sustainable technologies but you will also study the economic and societal factors that are important to make these innovations a success. You will analyze what is needed for consumers and firms to adopt these technologies and how policymakers can speed up the transition to a sustainable society. Furthermore, you’ll learn to place recent developments and discussions about sustainability in a long-term perspective, and you’ll see how national and global developments are related. In the multidisciplinary program, you will combine social science courses such as Sustainable Technology in Society, Economics of Innovation and Sustainable Development in a global context with science and engineering courses in one of two specializations: Sustainable Energy or Sustainability in the built environment.

Society and technology
Students of the Sustainable Innovation program are trained to use technology to solve societal issues, to strengthen welfare and well-being in the world. Just a few examples are:

  • the position of the Netherlands in the European sustainable energy market
  • the design of smart homes and electricity grids
  • technological innovation in developing countries, such as biofuels in India
  • assessing the pros and cons of new technologies, such as underground CO2 storage
  • identifying societal issues in relation to new technologies such as electric cars

Major Sustainable Innovation

Your future begins at TU/e in the Bachelor College, home to the university’s Bachelor study programs. As a student of this Bachelor College you get plenty of scope to compose your own study on the basis of your interests and ambitions. In the Bachelor College you begin with a three-year Bachelor, following a number of compulsory subjects like mathematics and physics and learning engineering design. In the Bachelor College you develop skills that you need in industry and learn to translate your technological knowledge into applications that are relevant for society. Your major forms a substantial part of your Bachelor study. It is where you choose the field in which you want to work later as an engineer. This is the basis of your study program.

This website gives more information about the major Sustainable Innovation.
Sustainable Innovation is a major which formally is part of the Bachelor's program Innovation Sciences (Technische Innovatiewetenschappen). After graduation in this major you receive the diploma of the Bachelor program Innovation Sciences (Technische Innovatiewetenschappen). and the degree of Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Innovation.

Sustainable Innovation is one of the two majors within the Bachelor's program Innovation Sciences (Technische Innovatiewetenschappen). The other major is: Psychology & Technology. The curriculum (the electives) allows you to follow both.

NVAO accreditation

This program is legally recognized and accredited by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO).