About Human Performance Management

The research within the Human Performance Management (HPM) Group generally focuses on the role of the human factor in operational and innovation processes. Its research mission is to develop scientific knowledge and to test theories that explain psychological processes at the organizational, group and individual level within the context of operations management and innovation management. An optimal fit between humans and work will be achieved when both human and work aspects are integrally     (re-)designed and (re-)developed to improve performance. Research of the HPM group focuses on performance enhancement and has a positive focus (optimization of performance rather than management of risks), is process-oriented (focusing on human decision processes rather than measurement of performance and control) and is humane (compared to organizational renewal that focused on the design of sociotechnical systems only).

The research of the HPM staff is related to the research of the two professors, the theme of performance enhancement and can be described through the following perspectives:

Managing work, focusing on how to manage work processes within organizations and how to design performance management systems, task strategies, problem-solving, planning and control processes (e.g. performance management systems, job or sociotechnical (re)design).

Managing change concerning how ill-designed operational processes (including structure and culture) can be redesigned or how (technological) innovations can be implemented to give people better opportunities to contribute (e.g. job crafting, employability, adaptation of innovations).

Managing people, concerning the question regarding how to optimize the workforce in general in order to realize the organizational goals, how to attract the right person for the job, keep employees motivated healthy and contributing to organizational performance. HPM employees are experts on topics like trainings, job stress, leadership and team processes, conflicts at work.

The Human Performance Management (HPM) Group focuses in its education program on the contributions of people to human, team and organizational performance. On the human aspect, both competencies and motivation of human resources are relevant to delivering high-quality contributions to the realization of organizational and individual goals. On the work side, technical, social-organizational and job conditions under which people deliver their contributions to the realization of both organizational and individual goals are relevant.

To help future professionals in Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences, the HPM Group provides a number of interesting courses where the human factor plays an important role, as do the modeling, analysis, and redesign of all, human-related, aspects of a business and innovation process.