Current HPM courses

BSc courses
1JV00Work & Organizational Psychology basic (incl. writing skills)
1JV10Work and Organizational Psychology advanced
1JK00Management of Human Behavior in Organizations
1JK10Leadership & Self-Management in Organizations
1JK20Social Innovation & Sustained Employability
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1CK10Introduction Industrial Engineering
1ZV00Methodology of IE Research
1JZK40Designing Business Processes
1ZSUC0USE course Organizing Entrepreneurship
0SAUA0USE course Quality of Life
0HK00Sports Technology & Behavior
MSc courses
1JM06Human Aspects of Innovation
1JM11Performance Enhancement
1JM21Designing Effective Performance Management Systems
1JM30Team Dynamics and Team Performance
1JM100Management of Organizational Change and Innovation
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1JM110Research Methods for OML
1ZM31Multivariate Statistics
1ZM100Design Project
1ZM110Design Project
PDEng courses
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LMSManagement of Organizational Change and Implementation

PhD courses
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