Master's thesis

For their thesis projects, students can make a choice from the following key topics which are closely related to the expertise of the various researchers in the HPM Group:

1) Managing People
Under this heading, researchers of the HPM group focus on how to optimize the workforce in general in order to realize the organizational goals. For organizations it is crucial to attract the right person for the job, to keep their employees motivated and healthy, to assure successful team functioning, and to be able to manage all of this in order to secure organizational performance.


  • Prof.dr. E. Demerouti (positive organizational behavior and interventions, )
  • Dr. J. M. P. Gevers (collaboration, creativity, creativity, innovation, adaptation)
  • Prof. dr. J. de Jonge (job stress; health; creativity; counter productivity)
  • Dr. P. A. M. Kleingeld (work motivation; goals and feedback, training)
  • Dr. P.M. Le Blanc (leadership, team processes, employee wellbeing)
  • Dr. S. Rispens (interpersonal & intrateam conflict; leadership; deviance)
  • Dr. L. van der Mey (hormones, stress, burnout, health)
  • Dr. W.G.M. Oerlemans (vitality management, employee wellbeing, performance)
  • Dr. P.P.F.E. van de Calseyde (trust and reciprocity, emotions and decision-making)

2) Managing Work
The focus of this research topic is on how to manage work processes within organizations. It deals with questions about the design of the elements of performance management systems; task strategies, problem-solving, planning and control processes.


  • Prof.dr. E. Demerouti (managing resources and strategies of employees)
  • Dr. J. M. P. Gevers ((team) time management, leadership, creativity)
  • Prof. dr. J. de Jonge (innovative office designs, job (re-) design, work simulation)
  • Dr. P. A. M. Kleingeld (performance management systems)
  • Dr. J. Li (team processes)
  • Dr. W.G.M. Oerlemans (job design, social innovation)
  • Dr. P.P.F.E. van de Calseyde (organizational decision-speed and performance, human cooperation, negotiations)

3) Managing Change
Within this key topic the focus is on how ill-designed operational processes (including structure and culture) can be redesigned and restructured to give people better opportunities to contribute.


  • Prof.dr. Eva Demerouti (job crafting, role of individual in implementation of innovations)
  • Dr. J.M.P. Gevers (teamwork structures; team interventions)
  • Prof. dr. J. de Jonge (job redesign, recovery structures)
  • Dr. P.M. Le Blanc (human factors in implementation processes)
  • Dr. J. Li (team change, team development)
  • Dr. W.G.M. Oerlemans (smart technology, recovery)

For more detailed information on these mentors, please visit their mentor pages.