Improving the use of decision support systems

September 1st 2016 – August 31st 2020 

Project description
Decision support systems (DSS) (e.g. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Advanced Planning and Scheduling systems (APS), Material Resource Planning (MRP) and Spare Parts planning) have been developed more than 35 years ago and provide tools that support users to make more informed decisions. These systems are widely developed for different domains (e.g. medicine and logistics), however not always used in a proper way. Although researchers and practitioners spend much effort in improving the support they provide to the users as well as the quality of the advice given by the DSS, organizational practice and research indicates that users either deviate or ignore the advice that they get from the decision support systems. The software also does not (directly) provide the planners with the consequences of their (planning) decision. This can for example lead to unaware planners, who are not able to make fully justified decisions.  Attempts to increase the use of the decision support systems have been focused on changing the system by improving the modeling of the process supported by the system or on increasing the user acceptance of the technology. However, the application to logistics is scarce. Therefore, this research should lead to an improved use of decision support systems in logistics. The project is a collaboration of the Human Performance Management group and Operations, Planning, Accounting and Control group.

Project members
·        Ir. Bregje van der Staak (TU/e)
·        Prof. dr. Evangelia Demerouti (TU/e)
·        Dr. Philippe van de Calseyde (TU/e)
·        Dr. Ir. Rob Basten (TU/e)
·        Prof. dr. Ton de Kok (TU/e)

The project has started recently. At the moment we are designing the first studies. 

·        In progress

Contact person
Ir. Bregje van der Staak
Phone: +31 (0)40 247 4127