Leadership, job crafting and work outcomes: how leaders cultivate successful job crafters?

October 1st 2013 – December 31st 2016

Job crafting is voluntary and unattended behavior. However, not all job crafting behaviors are beneficial to individual performance and in line with organizational goals. We suggest that organizations should pay attention to job crafting behavior and manage it in a way that it benefits both employees and organizations. Leaders can set up a favorable work context, which can foster beneficial job crafting and avoid costly job crafting. However, the role of leadership is largely overlooked in previous research on job crafting. In this project, we aim to develop a comprehensive model in an effort to advance our understanding of why, how and when leadership is related to employee job crafting. First, it is proposed that transformational and empowering leadership can promote positive job crafting and reduce negative job crafting through motivational processes. We also suggest that individual, task and organizational factors will moderate the effect of leadership. Second, employee job crafting in turn will have an impact on leadership behaviors through a relational process (i.e., leader-member exchange). Third, job crafting is expected to relate to job performance and employability through influencing the feeling of psychological ownership of the job.

Project members
·       Haijiang Wang, MSc (TU/e, CSC)
·       Prof.dr. Evangelia Demerouti (TU/e)
·       Dr. Pascale Le Blanc (TU/e) 

This project has been completed and the PhD thesis will be defended on February 21st, 2017. 

·       Wang, H., Demerouti, E., Le Blanc, P.M., & Chang-qin Lu, Crafting a Job in “Tough Times”: When Being Proactive Is More Strongly Related to Work Attachment, Journal Organisational Behavior (under review)
·       Wang, H., Demerouti, E., Le Blanc, P.M. Transformational leadership, adaptability, and job crafting: The moderating role of organizational identification, Journal of Vocational Behavior (under review )
·       Wang, H., Demerouti, E. & Bakker, A. B. (2016) Review of job crafting research: the role of leader behaviors in cultivating successful job crafters. In: Proactivity at work: making Things Happen in Organizations. Parker, S. K. & Bindl, U. K. (eds.). Routledge, p. 77 104 p.
·       Wang, H. , Leadership, Job Crafting and Work Outcomes: Can Leaders Cultivate Well-Performing Job Crafters?, Thesis to be defended on February 21st, 2017.

Contact persons
Prof.dr. E. Demerouti, dr. P.M. Le Blanc