Let’s go to work! The role of job crafting in the process of finding a new job

April 1st, 2014 – March 31st, 2018

Project description:
Since the beginning of the economic crisis in 2008, unemployment rates are rising and this trend is still continuing. In April 2014, a stunning 8.7% of the Dutch labour force was unemployed. This project, which is a collaboration with UWV Zuid-Oost Brabant, aims to further optimize the process of finding a job by increasing re-employment opportunities for the unemployed. In this project we don’t only focus on the unemployed themselves, but also take into account the service provided by the employees of the UWV. In this way, we can capture the whole process of having to find a job. The Job Demands-Resources (JDR) model will serve as the theoretical foundation. The model states that there should be a balance between one’s job demands and job resources in order to stay healthy, engaged, and motivated in one’s work. Making adjustments in the job demands and resources is called job crafting and we’ll test whether employees can use job crafting in order to provide better service to their unemployed customers. The JDR-model will also be the theoretical foundation when focusing on the unemployed. There are similarities between having a job and having to find a job (i.e. both take time, both work with deadlines, both can cause stress, etc.) so the principles behind the JDR-model and job crafting might also be applicable for those who are looking for a job. We’ll test whether optimizing the balance between job (seeking) demands and job (seeking) resources will help people to stay motivated, engaged, and in the end successful, when looking for a new job.

Project Members:
·       Inge Hulshof, MSc (TU/e)
·       Prof. Dr. Evangelia Demerouti (TU/e)
·       Dr. Pascale Le Blanc (TU/e)
·       Hans Marell (UWV Zuid-Oost Brabant)
·       Leon Vlieks (UWV Zuid-Oost Brabant)
·       Ed Winters (De Zilvervloot)

The diary study and training intervention for employees of UWV Zuid-Oost Brabant have been conducted. Moreover, the diary study among the unemployed customers of UWV Zuid-Oost Brabant is finished as well. Currently we are collecting the last waves of data for the training intervention among the unemployed customers of UWV Zuid-Oost Brabant.

·        In progress (2 articles submitted) 

Contact person:
Inge Hulshof, MSc
Phone: +31 40-247 5211
E-mail: i.l.hulshof@tue.nl