J. F. Schouten School

The J. F. Schouten School aims to organize one-day workshops once a month. Courses are open and free for all interested researchers, but are created especially for PhD students. The goal of the workshop series is to teach essential methodological and practical skills, provide in-depth overviews of current theoretical questions, to enable PhD students to share and get feedback on their research projects, and to allow PhD students to create a network of peers.

Ph.D. students can enroll in J. F. Schouten-courses by registering with the J. F. Schouten-office up to one month before the course starts. You can enroll by filling out the registration form. All J. F. Schouten School members will receive a call for enrollment by e-mail and an overview of all enrollments after the deadline for registration. Students will be notified about whether they can participate one month prior to the course/workshop they enrolled in, depending on the maximum number of participants for a given workshop. If you are unable to attend a course or workshop please cancel your enrollment at the J. F. Schouten office at least a week prior to the course.

In principle, the J. F. Schouten School aims to provide all courses free of charge for any Ph.D. student who is interested in the topic of a given workshop. If the interest in a given workshop exceeds the maximum number of participants, participants will be selected on the basis of date of enrollment on a first come first serve basis.
For the year 2012-2013 all courses are taught at the TU/e, except the Persuasive Communication workshop on the 18th of April, which it taught at the Hogeschool Utrecht. Detailed information about the rooms and times will be send through e-mail to all students who have enrolled for a specific course at least one week before a course is scheduled.

The J. F. Schouten Graduate School relies on volunteers to provide workshops. If you have a theoretical expertise related to the broadly defined field of Human Factors, or have a methodological expertise that you are willing to share and teach to PhD students, please contact the J. F. Schouten School. For example, we are still looking for a teacher for the Introduction to R workshop planned for early June 2013.

You can reach the J. F. Schouten Graduate School at J.F.SchoutenGraduateSchool@gmail.com
To register for a specific workshop, go to the JFS website.
Join the J. F. Schouten Facebook group at: http://www.facebook.com/groups/J.F.Schouten/